So as many people have already noticed I was able to implement a new website look and I changed tons of stuff. Obviously the biggest change I made was offering free membership and hoping, praying and some pleading that people will like it enough to choose a paid membership. So far I have seen positive changes from the new site. I have tons more free sign ups and everything is going fairly well. If you like the change to offer free membership please share a link to our website on your blogs or any websites that you or family may have. Positive reviews go along way with us and we appreciate that.

With the new website has come new bugs to deal with. Not only did the website have issues but I got some sort of bug. I believe it is bronchitis and it has taken me out of commission for several days now. So not only have I had to deal with computer bugs but this sickness is hardly allowing me to work so I apologize for how slow things are going on the website.

Last of all I wanted to share with you all (the one person who might read this) that I am extremely optimistic for this website and getting first grade up and running soon. I was a little bummed for a short while since the funding for the website was not going well but I have got lots of new ideas and we are charting new and awesome courses. This site will ROCK! (already does!)

Thanks for all your support. Our facebook button is below and if you would like please share our website with as many people as possible. Thanks