Video Playback Issues

I wish I could say that nobody sees this page and that all users have a phenomenal experience with the videos we have. Unfortunately that is not the case I fear, so I hope this page will help you.

When setting up the website we had numerous obstacles such as video hosting. We looked into Youtube video hosting but had several issues and many schools block youtube. We tried Vimeo but schools block it also so we have to host them ourselves. As part of this we chose a video player that uses all the latest html5 (you do not need to know what that means) and flash support services. The problem we have had is not with the player but with the browsers. For example IE 11 came out and we thought it would fix issues but they are still behind the rest of the browsers as far as support and technology so we have issues with some browsers.

List of browsers we recommend not using.

1.Internet Explorer – Any version – Until they get their browser functioning with html5 properly.

2. Opera – Do not use at all – We do not support this.


Browsers we do recommend

1. Any other one than the ones listed above. I prefer chrome but firefox and any others will work.


If you have problems please email me and tell me about them.    commoncore4kids(at)