Terms and Conditions

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In order to keep our prices low we ask that you follow these terms and conditions. Our educational videos and games are designed to help children learn and give parents and teachers new resources.  Help us to keep these as inexpensive as possible by following these rules. If you do not follow these conditions we reserve the right to cancel your membership without refund.

All User Accounts

1. Please do not share your username and password with others or on the internet. This is meant for all within your home. Unless you have a school account which gives access to all kids and teachers at home and at school. Please keep information to that school only.

2. Videos are not to be copied and used in other locations. All videos and games are to be used on this website alone.

3. You are allowed to use videos on multiple devices at the same time as long as it is within the same household or school

4. Teachers are allowed to use any of our accounts in the classroom. In fact we want you to use them. You can also use them in the computer lab.

5. We do allow and promote a link to our website being shared on other sites and social media. Please help us by either doing a paid membership or by posting links to our website on your blogs and other sites.

6. You are purchasing a subscription and as such this will renew each year. You may cancel at any time and can do so by looking at your Account Info HERE. If you do not cancel your membership you will be charged each year under the same form of purchase.

7. All videos and games can be used in computer labs at schools. Limit is 550,000,001 computers per school – basically can be used in any computer lab. We love you Teachers and Principals.

8. Schools are allowed to sign up under one username and password if you desire.

9. Will we use your emails to send you updates and offers? Yes we will. As most people can attest it almost never happens though since I figure if you want to see the new videos you will get back on the site. We will NEVER send or sell your emails out to anyone else so do not worry about that.

We do realize many teachers love to share websites like these and we promote this. Please allow them to try the free membership  so they can see the videos as well. We offer the free membership so you do not need to share your username and password. (does not apply to schools signing up for entire school)

Please be courteous and respect the few rules that we have so that we can keep the pricing low for everyone. If you have questions regarding the terms and conditions please contact us below and we would be excited to assist you.

Contact us via email at    Jason (@) commoncore4kids.com