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So I thought it would be kind of funny to have people see how I first started this website. I tried to get funding through a website called Kickstarter.  I made a video with the help of a cousin of mine and tried to get funding to start the project. It turns out I did not do my research properly on kickstarter since education funding is not really meant for that website in my opinion. I did not come close to getting the funding for many reasons but it sure is funny to see how nervous I was when I made the video.

To give you a break down of what happened I wrote up a script and memorized it.  I then traveled to my cousins house where we did the recording. I got so nervous being in front of the camera and lights that I could not remember my lines and had to get help the whole way. Most of the recording was so bad my cousin had to add tons of other images while I read straight off the script. It was quite hilarious now that I look back on it. Anyway if you are interested in seeing the video I will post the link below.