Thank you for checking out our survey today. This is an opportunity to give me feedback in return for a Free Year Access to our website. This means your entire schools gets access to all we have to offer for FREE.

Please send an email to and answer the following questions


1. Do you use videos in the classroom currently? What grade do you teach?


2. As for right now we mainly have videos but have interest in creating math games for the website. Would having math games on the site be beneficial to you as a teacher?


3. What other things would you like to see on the website? This can be anything you think of so do not hold back. I am anxious to see what teachers really want so that I can make the website to their liking.


4. Last but not least please send me the name of your Elementary School and an email address for the contact info and I will set up an account for your entire school. Please remember all kids will be able to use the same login at home with their parents for free as well.


Thank you for your help.