Second Grade Sight Words

Come Learn Sight Words

Come Learn Sight Words

Learning Sight Words for the Second Grade

Yes, we decided to also make other videos for second graders that are not just math oriented. The idea was too much fun. If you pay attention in the video you might even see a space ship!

Learning sight words is very important when learning how to read new words. If students can recognize these sight words and read them easily the rest of reading becomes a whole lot more fun. When working with kids and sight words it can be very helpful to have a memorable visual like this video to assist in the learning process.

This is the first part of a series we will be doing on sight words. It is a really simple video that lets kids see the word and hear it. It is something we are doing for fun on the side and we have enjoyed it. We got a list of sight words from a teacher that uses these in a school nearby. There will be several parts as we get to them. Enjoy them and if you want us to make a specific video for some other sight words please click on the Contact Us.