Saying Hello To Your Class

If you are visiting this page you most likely saw this on twitter or facebook. For a short time I would like to offer a free short video (maybe 30 seconds or so) that can have our animated #1 character say hello to your classroom and anything else you would prefer (within reason).

We have several different backgrounds we have been using like ones in space or a playground. This is all free and if you are interested please use the contact form below. Here are the details I will need.

  • Type out what exactly you would like the character to say. Example – Hello kids and welcome to Mrs. Jenkins class we will have tons of fun this year so lets get excited!
  • This can also be for your blog, Example – Welcome to Mrs. Jenkins blog. You will find lots of stuff here to learn. Come and learn with us!
  • If using your name please show me how to pronounce it and if it gets too hard just let me know and I can communicate with you.
  • Which background – Space, Space with asteroids or playground
  • Anything else you can think of.

I do not know how many I can do as they take a while but you can post these on your blogs and other places you wish. I will do my best to be fast but these take time to render after animation is complete.


OK, one last thing since I had a question already. I do not expect anything in return. If you want to thank me put a link to the main home page on your facebook or blog and we will call that good. You DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS, just so you know. This is just a way to say thanks for all your hard work.