LogoI wanted to give all of you an update on the game and let you know how the card game is coming along. Last week I thought I was all done and promised it to be out soon and even had a version you could download for a short while until I found some problems when testing it on other computers. So here is the whole story so you can see just how little of programming I really know. LOL (that is for the younger generation)

The game itself was completed and I had tested it on windows and it worked just fine but on other computers it was requiring some silly visual studio thing from microsoft. I then proceeded to  use an installer to make sure all downloads needed were there but that was when I got this amazing message from the software I was using. The free version did not allow me to do that so I contacted the company to see the price and they want $500 for that package. Money is very tight so that was not an option and I pursued other free software that would allow me to do what I needed to do. I have found some but they require the use of coding. Since I am no programmer I am still looking for other solutions.

Now that you have heard the long drawn out story the good news is I am closer to getting it out on the android platform. Again I am having programming problems but not as big as the others. Hopefully it should be available soon but no promises as I have learned that it is bad to promise something when you cannot control all the variables.

Iphone and Mac users! I love you guys and you are totally awesome and amazing and I like ipads and other stuff apple, but there is one problem – Apple is extremely expensive. In order to export the game for Apple users I have to use a Mac to do so. Because the software I use has minimum requirements of Intel Quad Core 2.5ghz or higher this means I would have to spend around $2,000 for a medium grade computer I will only use for exporting. So unless someone wants to donate a Mac computer or laptop to me I am looking to rent one in the meantime or maybe borrow someones for a few days. Not sure yet but I am working on this.

Now that you are bored and most readers have not even gotten this far down the page before clicking away on to some other page in internet land I bid you farewell and will work hard this weekend to try and finish the game. Best of luck and to all you teachers and parents YOU ROCK!