musicalchairToday I thought I would write something cool about what I learned from my kids. They wanted to play a game with me and run around but I was holding a sleeping baby so I had the idea of musical chairs. I had two chairs brought over and three little kids started running around the chairs while I sang a song. When I stopped the interesting thing happened that two of them sat down and proceeded to help their little sister on the chairs with them. I thought this was interesting and cute but I explained that you get out if you do not sit on the chair. We tried it again and the same thing happened as they shared chairs so that nobody would get out. It took me  a while to finally realize that they were not going to let anybody lose. So I said nobody will get out if you keep playing this way and that is when they finally got through to me and taught me my lesson. They said, “but we want all of us to win.”

After hearing this I realized that kids have a wonderful ability that as adults we tend to lose in the daily competition, we can all win if we help each other. This not only applies to games but also to education. Kids will be the best resource for each other if we find ways to allow them the chances to teach each other. We can all win at math and we win by helping each other. Thanks for reading guys.