Multiplication Video for Kids

We uploaded two new math videos on Multiplication for our 3rd grade curriculum. We have been starting our videos for 3rd grade and are happy to announce the newest videos on multiplication.


One of the videos teaches the vocabulary behind multiplication. Students learn with the character what a factor is and a product. It is a shorter video that makes an amazing introduction or review when learning the terms associated with this math concept.


The other math video teaches relations with multiplication. Kids will see how “number of groups” and “number of objects in groups” are important. For example when a child multiplies 5 times 3 the number of groups is the 5 and the number of objects in each group is 3 and the kids get to see this in a fun way. They also learn that these are interchangeable.

After watching the video you will want to multiply your desire to eat chocolate chip cookies 🙂   Watch the video and you will know what I mean.

Math video