Math Game for Kids

We are releasing in the next few weeks a math game that we have been working on for quite some time. The math game is going to be a different type of game that includes lots of mini games that teach the basic math concepts and then allows the kids to practice those concepts in game form.


I have found that all too often with math games they include so much practice but little learning which is why we are working to include our videos into the math game and really help kids succeed and raise scores where needed.


This is not a tiny mobile game but a larger sized game where students will be able to run around rooms as the number one character and in each room they will be learning new concepts and then practicing them in fun ways.


One of the reasons I created this type of game is because I noticed that teachers and parents use different types of games that their kids play but many of them are either too boring or just practice. It is not practical to think that kids will practice the same type of game over and over and not get bored. This is why I have lots of mini games that do different things and use different ways to help kids practice.


One of the best parts to the game that I love is the fact that it will update itself automatically and add new mini games as we make them. That means that once you have a membership free or paid you can use the games for as long as you have your membership and any time you use the game it will update and add new mini games so that your kids do not become bored with the same games over and over.


Teachers and Principals, this is for you!

Now the best part for teachers and principals in schools is that the levels we build include rooms where students learn the concepts through videos and interactive materials. This means that it is not just a game but a learning tool. And the best part about our membership is that when your school purchases the school license you can download the game onto ALL computers in your school that you like. Also do not forget that if you choose your kids can download and play the games at their house using the same login that you provide to them.


I hope you enjoy the games as much as I have had making them and your feedback will be so helpful so please send all feedback to and I look forward to working with you in the future.