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Here at Common Core 4 Kids we decided we would develop our own worksheets with a little bit of our own flare to it. There are thousands of math worksheets available on the internet and you can find free worksheets anywhere. We are making videos and games that go off the worksheets so students can work along with the video as we cover a few problems. (I know some kids wish we covered all the questions but you need to figure it out for yourself)  The making of worksheets is not our strong point just yet but come see what worksheets and videos we have to help assist you and your students.

Below is a list of some of the worksheets we have added for Grade 2 Feel free to print them off and use them as you wish. We are grateful to serve you in your education needs.

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Place Value Worksheet

Place Value Blocks Worksheet

When you click on the image you will get the download for both place value worksheets. I also included an image of the place value house in case you wanted to use that in class.  Hope you enjoy the place value worksheets.

Place Value Number Practice

Place Value Numbers

When you click on the image you will get the download for both place value worksheets. I also included an image of the place value house in case you wanted to use that in the classroom.  Hope you enjoy the place value worksheets.

Double Digit Addition Worksheet

Double Digit Addition Worksheet

In our Double Digit Addition worksheet it is just what you see. Problems to be worked out. If you watch our math videos on the 2nd grade page you will see how the videos help kids learn to work the problems on the worksheets.

Double Digit Addition with Video

Double Digit Addition with Video

We have made a short video specific to this worksheet that helps the kids work out two of the problems on here. Both of the Double Digit Addition links will give you both worksheets to print out. All FREE!

Value of Money Worksheet

Learning Money Worksheet

This is a really simple beginner worksheet for learning the value of money. I recommend using it to help the kids learn the values and get used to seeing them. The reason why I recommend this as a beginner is the little cheat sheet at the top if they forget.

We have two videos on money for second grade so check them out!

Expanded Form Worksheet

Expanded Form Worksheet

This worksheet goes along with our expanded form video that is really popular. Kids can use this worksheet to help them really understand the idea of how expanded form shows each place value.

Bar Graph Worksheet

Bar Graph Worksheet

I love this bar graph worksheet because kids get to use crayons and follow along with our video if you want to use it. You can watch the video with the kids and pause it at certain times to let them color in what they believe the graph should look like. Awesome to use alongside the video in 2nd grade.

I do recommend that students learn to make their own graphs as it helps kids understand it better.

Line Plot Worksheet

Line Plot Worksheet

I recommend again that students create their own line graphs from scratch but if you want to use this worksheet it goes right along with our video and you can pause it while students fill in the correct answers and then finish the video to see if they got it correct.

Comparing Numbers Worksheet

Comparing Numbers 1

An awesome teacher made this worksheet for me to include in our list of free worksheets. The worksheets helps kids compare numbers with greater than, less than. Two of the worksheets are included in the download.

Comparing Numbers Blocks Worksheet

Comparing Numbers Part 2 Worksheet

Students learn to compare amounts of blocks in this worksheet. This was also created by an awesome teacher for me. Thanks

Telling Time worksheets

Telling Time Worksheets

We have two worksheets on telling time that are free downloads. If you have not already checked out the video please do so as it goes along with helping kids understand how to tell time in the second grade.
Telling Time Worksheet

Telling Time Worksheet

The Telling time worksheet again goes along with our video on telling time. On this worksheet students fill in the correct time that is shown on the clocks.

Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheet

Subtraction with Regrouping

We have videos to teach this concept and using this worksheet to practice helps students really grasp the concept as they figure the problems out for themselves.

Math Mountain Worksheet

Math Mountain Worksheet

We have a video that goes right along with this and when you download the worksheets there are two of them in case you want students to practice more.

Money Worksheet 2nd Grade

More Money Worksheets 2nd Grade

These are two more worksheets on money that go along with our videos. They help second graders learn the value of coins and some great addition skills as well. Click this image for the link to download both Free worksheets.
Free Adding Multiple Digit Worksheet

Adding Multiple Digit Numbers Worksheet

This free worksheet helps kids learn how to add multiple digit numbers together. It follows along with our video for 2nd grade on multiple digit numbers. Come download it and have your students work along the problems after watching the video.
Place Value Worksheet 2nd

Place Value Worksheet 2nd Grade

This is another Free Worksheet on Place Value for 2nd Grade. We hope this helps your kids as they learn their Place Value. Enjoy and click the image to get to the download page.
Free Shapes Worksheet 2nd Grade

Learning Shapes 2nd Grade Worksheet

This worksheet goes along with our video on shapes for 2nd grade. Kids will enjoy watching the video and seeing similar questions on the worksheet testing their knowledge of what they have learned. Please share our website with others and our youtube channel.
Place Value Grouping Worksheet

Place Value Grouping Worksheet

Check out our Free worksheet on Place Value Grouping. This follows our video on place value. We have several videos on place value to view.
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