Math Game Coming Soon

Math Game Beta Testing!

We are getting ready to launch testing on our newest Math Game and could use your help. The math game is very different from what you might be used to. Our math game is a 3rd person game where kids run around math levels as one of our characters. There are several mini games that help kids practice basic math and we continue to add more.


As you probably have guessed from our website we like to do things a little different to help out the kids. There are already many games out there that teach repetition of certain concepts. They are amazing games but we wanted to design something different that does not just focus on answering questions. We are working on combining our videos into the math games so that a student will be able to run around a room and learn all about a math concept through videos and other interactive materials. After learning the material they can then go into the next room or choose a game to play that allows them to practice what they have learned.

We believe that teaching should extend into the game and not just memorizing. We are anxious to get the game out there to be tested by YOU and see what YOU think. Check below to see how you can help test the game.

Math Games

Please go to  to get the free download. Thank you.