***Currently the programming on One Math game has stopped as we are working on Mage Math. Visit MageMath.com ***


You are welcome to try out the game below, it is still under construction but you can access several fun games in it if you are a member or are on the 15 day trial. We also have another project called Mage Math. Check it out at MageMath.com

The One Math game only works on PC currently. We are sorry to Mac users.

Windows Game Download

Windows Version

The windows version is ready for download. Windows 64 bit required. The file is large so please be patient. Feel free to start the download and leave it running in the background. Please email me at jason@commoncore4kids.com if you have problems.

After release we found that some people have had issues starting the game if you have Avast antivirus software. When the downloading ends your computer will ask to install the game and if Avast pops up please mark the program as safe. Thank you.