We just started an Indiegogo Campaign today here   http://igg.me/at/math-videos/x/6846503


I wanted to share a few thoughts I have on this whole experience leading up to the campaign. When I first started making these math videos I tried Kickstarter and that did not go well at all. First of all it was the wrong venue for that type of crowd but not only that it was just friends and family contributing and I have to admit I did not like that at all. I know that many people will tell me that is how it all gets started but I did not want to ask money from friends or family and that may be one of my biggest downfalls for these campaigns but either way I decided I should try a campaign on Indiegogo and see the interest that comes from it.

The mixed feelings I have had are that I really did not want to do an indiegogo campaign but the idea just stuck with me and I decided that the only way to get it out was to finally do it. So I started the campaign today and it lasts for 48 days and I have made it super awesome to go through Indiegogo since you get permanent access and do not have to pay each year. I hope the best for the campaign as my math videos become more well known but I am not holding my breath and will not be bummed if it does not work out. In fact if it does not I will not let that slow me down with the videos or stop any progress. Check out the indiegogo page and share it with all the people you know. Thank you very much.

Indiegogo Link