Today I wanted to answer some questions on how to use the videos. I have seen the videos used and many teachers or parents miss a great learning opportunity so I wanted to make a quick note on this subject to help people understand there are tons of ways to make the common core math videos better in the classroom or at home.

When we design the videos we leave pauses after asking questions. If the pause is a very short pause in the math video that generally means the kids should be able to answer it quickly but feel free to pause it. Many of the videos allow the kids to work along with the video and we even post a lot of the worksheets that go right along with the video. You can pause the video and have the students work the problem and play the video to see if they got it correct.

Another way to use them that I have seen is something I will admit may not be the best but if it keeps your sanity then do it. Many teachers across the world have rough days with the kids and they end up putting on a video like these to take a break. If you need the break and are at a breaking point maybe just letting them watch is not a bad thing. Do not feel horrible if you cannot do everything I mentioned. The kids will not stay calm unless you are calm (generally speaking:).

Use the videos how is best for you and your class and that will be what is best for the kids.