This really cool promotion I started is amazing and I wanted to tell you more about it. It is my dream to see these videos and the game used in all the schools. Right now in the United States from my best guess on the information I can find there are around 66,000 elementary schools not including private schools, etc. I want to get 66,000 schools using the videos and the games but in order to do this I face a huge challenge.

Selling to a school is like climbing a Massive Mountain! Unless youa are a multi million dollar company they don’t want to listen to you and do not blame them. Principals do not have time to be hounded every day from people selling them things. It is not fair to ask that of them especially since they already have so much on their plate. Teachers likewise are incredibly busy with way too much to do and do not have time to listen to people selling things. To add to all this there is tons of red tape to sell to a school with forms and depending upon the amount it can take approval from the school district. Crazy stuff!

This is where I want to change how I do this with the videos and new 3d game I just made. I want all 66,000 schools to use it and that is why I am offering the Entire School to use it for just $25 and even a parent can buy it for the school. I want to find new ways that schools can use the new game and videos to help boost math scores but more importantly help kids really understand each topic and not be so afraid of math.

Help me spread the word and share the website as the promotion ends soon. Help me reach the goal of 66,000 schools. Thank you.