Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am not seeing the videos. They are black squares, what is wrong?

-Usually when this happens it is due to a school blocking certain videos. We host our videos currently with our own servers that we pay for and embed them into our website. If you have problems and cannot view them please contact your school technical support and ask to have this website set as Educational and not blocked.

2. Why do you use your own hosting and not youtube? 

– To answer this one is fairly easy although it was a hard lesson to learn for us. We have tried other hosting and we are either not allowed or their sites get blocked by a large majority of schools. We do know this costs us more money but we feel safe that kids will not be led to other links that could potentially lead them to bad sites or bad materials. It is worth the price for us to have that safety net. ***We do now have a website at Where you can view all videos for free from our youtube channel. ***

3. When will the next grades be coming out?

-This is probably the most common question we get. We just started out this year and we hope to work on the next grades right away if money permits. The reason it takes so long is due to several reasons. First – It takes a little bit of time to get cooperation of teachers to help us decide on the content of the video and to cover as much of the curriculum as possible.

Second – Animation time takes a while

Third – Last but not least is this all takes $$$$ to make and we have to stay within budget. Please do not worry though, we will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades up and running as soon as possible. Thanks

4. How do you even make money with that low of a monthly fee?

– You probably will not believe me when I say I have been asked this by a large number of people. To answer this let me explain that it costs a lot of money to produce these animations but we have found many ways to make it cheaper and we get lots of help from teachers all over the world. The more you share this site the more people we can get on board to help us make amazing animations and it all works out. Plus it helps that I was an accountant for 7 years and did all my math to know when it is feasible.  🙂

5. How do I donate to your website? I want to help

– There are numerous things that people can help with. Teachers can tell us what videos they want, parents can tell us what helped their kids. If you do video editing we can always use some free help. Last but not least if you want to donate money please just buy a membership for you, your friends or even for your school. I love to get emails through our contact page that says they want to buy it for a school. That is what helps us by getting these videos into the classrooms and homes of each child.

6. Do you plan on doing videos for other material such as language skills and reading?

– We are way pumped to do this and have even done a few small sight words videos by request because we love creating these. However, this site was originally meant for math but as we grow our ability to do more of this increases and if you want to help or donate ideas we are always welcome. You may see a few videos pop up here and there before we go hard core into this area.

7. Will you constantly bug me via email now that I have signed up? 

– The simple answer to this is YES. I plan on sending you emails every day just to let you know that I can still email! Just kidding. The truth is I will only send out emails if we are doing a funding project, need more help on videos, etc. To give you an idea on how often I have done this ……. wait I have not done it. Yep, I have not sent out mass emails not even once so do not expect one unless we are struggling with funding. (Correction to this – I have now sent one email out 2-25-2014)

8.  Are your videos copyrighted? 

– Yes. Since I created them they are copyrighted and you need my permission to share them and should not download them unless I open that option up. Please just respect all the hard work I have done and share the website so they can try it for themselves.

If your question has not been answered then please contact us at