Elapsed Time Video Lesson

The first video I made for elapsed time teaches students how to calculate what time it will be after so many hours and minutes. This was made at a teachers request ( I do listen when you email me hint hint).  The video is really good to start the elapsed time subject since this is difficult for third graders. In 3rd grade the kids need to know how to tell how much time has passed and what time it will be in the future.

Helping the children know how clocks work is important because at third grade you cannot assume they all know this. I have seen that for the most part they do however it can leave some kids in the dark if they struggle realizing that the minute hand moves once around and that means the hour hand has to move exactly one hour ahead.

The video can be used at any stage in the elapsed time learning process but I believe that if you pause it at spots where a question is asked and get students to venture guesses and tell why they think it will be that time, it will drive home the concept. Even pausing after the answer is given and explaining why a student might have gotten it wrong or right will help even more.

Best of luck and contact me for more videos that you want.

Elapsed Time Video

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