Counting Money Video

Counting Money

Money Value

When dealing with money students need to understand that different objects carry different values.  A diamond ring obviously costs more than a large rock.  Adults can easily see this and most children as well, but starting with these basic concepts can help lead to more in depth discussions.  Students need this type of understanding where money is seldom used in its physical nature.  Knowing the value of coins is essential to learn at this age. Knowing the values of Nickels, Dimes and Quarters are building blocks for harder money word problems. We have produced two videos on Counting Money. The first video helps learn the basics of money and the second video uses word and real life problems where students help use their knowledge of money to pass checkpoints. Come Learn With Us!


Also learning money does not grow on trees can be helpful too.    ” 😀 ”


We now have math worksheets available for the first math lesson. Click Money Worksheet