Common Core Math

So as you probably have guessed there are many new changes with Common Core Standards. We here at Common Core 4 Kids do not claim to be experts on curriculum nor would we want to determine it. However, from our research we have seen that in the early grades we are working with for JUST math, the basic math concepts have not changed.

Children still need to know how to add before multiplying and things like that. There are many and I stress many principles in math that build on each other and many times we do not realize this. This is why children constantly practice the basic math concepts so that they can understand bigger concepts in later grades. I want everyone to use these videos, even in home-school these videos can be beneficial to all kids.

Common Fighting

Now I will have to address what I call Common Fighting. There are many people against the common core standards and that is totally fine as it is their decision. This website is not here to promote or bash the standards. My goal when I started this was to help students to not struggle like I did with math. I want kids to have an option to use the visuals and games we develop to understand the basic concepts really well. I do not take sides on this issue because I want to help the kids and do not allow comments on my site due to the overwhelming hate that comes through. What we teach in our videos is the same math that was taught when I was a kid and I just want children to really get a good understanding of the concepts. This is why we have such low annual fees for the entire site. I want children to be able to go back and review if needed without having to add another monthly fee for that grade again. Now that I have finished getting on my soap box let’s talk about practice.

If you are interested in seeing more of the standards we use please see HERE.

Math Practice

So as I mentioned before with the Math Standards there needs to be tons of practice. This is how math is and something I did not like very much. As you use the videos that we have developed, please help students and children practice the math by working the problems during and after the video. We are in the process of developing short practice games that are not just silly games but are very educational and will cement the concepts in their mind so they truly understand and recognize what the concepts are.