Last week I took a huge step towards preschool by spending lots of time making an alphabet video. One of my youngest can use the video and I made it for her and decided I would post it on youtube and on my website under the Kindergarten videos. I have watched my kids and other kids while they view one of the numerous videos on youtube on learning the alphabet. I have found the best videos are the ones that ask them to repeat it with them rather than just sitting and watching. This method does not always work but I gave it a try.

While making the video I thought it would be cool to use a 3D maze I had and it worked out fairly well although I ran into a few issues with how long the maze was. If you watch the video you will notice that at one of the letters the camera jumps the wall after the letter helps bounce you over. While it may seem silly and funny to kids I did it because I did not have enough time to do the whole maze. (bad planning on my part) Either way it turned out alright. Learning the alphabet can be more fun with the video. Give it a try and I hope to make more soon. Thanks