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It is kind of interesting how this all started. I have family members who are teachers in elementary school and while helping correct some math papers I saw how some kids did good while many struggled. I felt like I was part of that because I have always struggled throughout school. Even while I was young I had a battle every day at school with math. So while I was correcting I tried to take it easy on the kids but my mother who is the teacher told me I could not (I was 28 at the time and she still tells me what to do). So this idea of helping kids, parents and teachers started to grow.

3D animation has always been interesting to me and even though my profession at the time was an accountant I knew that I could combine animations with math principles to help kids. Having a strong foundation in math when they are young is so important and I finally found a way to help.

So now I have built a site where kids can take advantage of the videos and even new 3d games we have made. We have curriculum for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. So here is a big thanks to all who made this possible. Thanks to the teachers who have collaborated with me and to the parents for answering silly questions and surveys. And an extra huge thanks to my wife and kids who work with so little while this dream is being built. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as we enjoyed making them.

Look around the site, sign up and enjoy!


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