4th Grade Math Videos

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Fractions and Equations

Fractions 4th Grade

In the video we teach about fractions and review basic fractions with numerators and denominators. We then jump into building simple equations to show how fractions are parts of a whole.

Long Division 4th Grade

Come learn about Long Division for 4th Grade in this fun Math Video. We work through the basics of what many consider the traditional form of long division. Please pause the video at any time to help kids understand as it moves kind of quickly.

Long Division with Remainders

Long Division with Remainders

Kids will learn about Long Division with Remainders in this funny video involving the Number One who ate too much to avoid remainders. Kids will laugh and enjoy learning about remainders in long division.

Controlling Emotions Math

Multi-Digit Addition 4th Grade

We learn to carry in this Multi-Digit Addition video for 4th grade kids. This math video helps kids use the standard algorithm to solve large addition problems. Carry the boxes carefully or they will spill the balls!

Multi Digit Subtraction

We learn about borrowing from the next place value in this fun video for kids in the 4th grade. Subtracting multi digit numbers can be made easier when a fun visual is presented, feel free to pause the video to ask questions and have kids follow along.

Adding Mixed Numbers

Let’s Add Mixed Numbers also called Mixed Fractions. It is cold outside in mixed number village so come warm up with as and learn how to add when you have a number and a fraction. 

Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Come learn about Subtracting Mixed Numbers also called Mixed Fractions. Help us charge the Math Wasp as we learn how to subtract when we have a mixed number like 4 and 1/5. 

Comparing Fractions 4th Grade

We learn to compare two different fractions for 4th Grade in this fun video. We use different methods to compare fractions with different denominators. Finding the LCD or least common denominator will help us solve these problems, and with a little magic too!

Here are some fun videos found in other grades that you might like to use in class.

Controlling Emotions Math

Controlling Emotions

Come learn to control your emotions with Mr. Box in this fun video for kids.

Kindness video for kids

Kindness Video for Kids

This is a video we created to help kids learn kindness and self worth. It was designed for our youtube channel but we post all our videos here without ads. We hope kids learn that we are all different and that is what makes us amazing!

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