We just uploaded a new video for 3rd Grade on the Distributive Property of Multiplication and it is AMAZING if I say so myself, and I do!

The video combines underwater submarines, sharks and a giant octopus to help kids learn how the distributive property can help them solve multiplication problems.  Problems like 7 X 7 =   can be difficult when first learning multiplication. Knowing and memorizing times tables can help but later on the problems go beyond memorizing and you need tools to work them out. Knowing the 7 is made up of 5 and 2 helps us as we use the distributive property. We take the 5 and 2 and multiply them both by the other 7 in the problem. We get 35 and 14 and then we add them together. 49 is the answer and we just solved the problem.

This may seem silly to begin with but think about how knowing this property can help in the long run? Please watch our video on our 3rd Grade Page.

Distributive Property of Multiplication