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Games/Quizzes for 2nd Grade

These quizzes are great for students to test their skills. Most of the games are 15 questions long and can even be done in a classroom setting as a review.

Please do not press the back button inside the game. Once you start you cannot go back to questions.

If you do like these quizzes please let us know by contacting us so we can make more.

Comparing Numbers Second Grade

Comparing Numbers - Greater Than and Less Than

This quiz helps students test their knowledge of greater than and less than. There are 15 questions and you can do this in class.

Place Value Game

Place Value Blocks up to 100

In place value blocks there are 10 questions that show a series of place value blocks up to hundreds blocks. They must type in the correct value to get the answer right.

Place Value Digit Game

Place Value With Numbers

In this game you type in the value of the underlined digit. This is another great quiz you can do in class with students or in the math lab.

How to Tell Time Game 2nd grade

Learning to Tell Time

In this quiz students see a clock and have to tell what time is on the clock to the nearest 5 minute increment.

Worth of coins Game

Money Game

In this quiz we show a series of coins and students must choose the correct amount of coins. All problems stay under 50 cents so this is great for starting the learning or reviewing.

Subtraction with Regrouping

Subtraction with Regrouping

This series of ten questions tests how well students can subtract with regrouping. This is only double digits and only has ten questions. We have a worksheet video that goes along with this in the 2nd Grade videos.