Welcome to Common Core 4 Kids. We make math fun by using animated videos to teach the basic concepts of math in elementary school. We also provide educational games and quizzes. Our goal is to help children understand the basic math concepts to have a strong foundation in math. Come Learn With Us!

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Math Videos that really work!!

Welcome to our site!! We make educational math videos and quizzes that teach the basic math concepts that children need to know to get a strong foundation in math. The math videos not only helps students get a strong understanding of the concepts but also helps teachers and parents to assist in the learning effort.

These resources are an amazing way to get everyone involved in the students’ education. Many times as a parent or teacher, it can be difficult to know where to start explaining the math concepts. These videos are an excellent way to start the conversation and start learning! Click here for sample videos or click videos from the menu up top. We teach the basic math concepts and follow the common core curriculum that is being implemented in many states.

Educational Math Videos

Membership That Just Makes Sense

Many sites want monthly membership that charges you each month. We do things different with our membership here. It has been my dream to give all kids the access to the videos. Because of this we do memberships very different than other education sites. On our website you get to choose a free 30 day trial or paid membership and will get the SAME ACCESS with either one. After 30 days I guarantee you will love the math videos and will want more. If at this point you cannot afford any of our options I invite you to contact me so we can continue to help you learn.  It is our belief that if we help the community they will help us back. Choose your level and sign up today!

Math Videos for Kids

Quizzes and Games 2nd Grade

Quizzes/Games for 2nd Grade

We have Quizzes / Games for 2nd Grade as well and will continue to add more so students can practice with our quizzes.